Cotton made
in Africa

The organic cotton in this product is grown by smallholder farmers in Africa respecting people and nature.  Your purchase helps African families live a better life and helps protect our planet. 

CmiA supports smallholder farmers, working to promote gender equality, dignified labour conditions, and respect for the rights of children.

CmiA is committed to protecting soil, water, biodiversity, the climate, and the environment, including by banning the use of genetically modified organisms and reducing the negative effects of crop protection.

CmiA facilitates access to high-quality equipment and is actively helping improve productivity, fibre quality, and overall living conditions.

All products are made in sustainable materials, organic cotton and recycled polyester


The new tag for Cotton made in Africa illustrates the different values and the story behind the cotton and tells the costumer the story on the inside.

Towards a more sustainable future

NAME IT would like to set a good example when it comes to sustainability. A key part of our sustainability strategy going forwad will be increasing the sourcing of better materials, these include:

Our sustainable fabrics